Monday, November 7, 2011

Do You Feel The Cold?

Being electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS) is like suffering with the cold. Not a must-put-on-a-cotton-sweater kind of cold but the intolerable six-layers-and-a-hat-and-gloves-indoors kind of cold. When the cold is that overwhelming everything else has to be put on hold while the imperatives of keeping body and soul together are dealt with. When survival itself is at stake there is nothing left to progress one’s life. That must come later, if ever at all. The shakes, mental confusion, inattention, distress, worry, clumsiness and many other effects of EHS are shared with sensitivity to extreme cold. 

The effects of microwave radiation on those who have become sensitised to it can be very similar to hyperthermia. Unlike strategies for dealing with unremitting cold such as turning up the heating or putting on extra clothes, nothing offers relief from microwave radiation in the wider environment. The surrounding temperature may be the same for everyone but some are less able to tolerate the cold and for them it becomes an attack. Similarly some people feel microwave radiation more than others. Based largely on their own first-hand experience, The EHS Canaries have over the last decade or so been trying to alert the world to what for them at least are the devastating effects of microwave radiation at presently permitted exposure levels.

Such is the strength of attraction between people (especially the young) and wireless gadgets that few have been able to hear these warning cries and even less have been prepared to act on them. Until people have exceeded their lifetime tolerance and become sensitised themselves they may well think this is all “a-storm-in-a-teacup”. Until then the signs that they are spending their valuable lifetime tolerance may go unnoticed.

The message cannot be clearer:  

Everyone is now engulfed in man-made digital microwave radiation of a type that has never existed before. At current exposure levels it makes people sick - as yet, apparently not everyone. Are you or your loved ones in danger?
Basking in the summer sun, it is easy to forget that winter’s bone-chilling cold is only a few short months away.