Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trouble & Strife - Electromagnetic Diet

Is your wife giving you trouble? Is she rarely happy and giving you grief because of it? Could it be that its not really you that she's upset with but your Wife-i that's causing her distress?
You may not realise it, and nor may she, but WiFi along with many other sources of microwave radiation is today making some peoples* lives miserable.

Wireless keyboards and mice, mobiles, cordless phones, alarm systems, low energy and fluorescent lights, the list goes on and on. There are now so many sources of electromagnetic radiation in our normal working and living environments that some people can no longer cope. People deal with the rise in levels of this environmental stressor in many different ways. Lethargy, alcoholism, drugs, other addictions, outburst of anger and in any number of other unpleasant and often self-destructive ways.

"Oh," you might say, "you can't blame all society's ills on electromagnetic exposure."

Maybe not, but until we know how and why uncontrolled Electrosmog makes some people ill, nobody can know its not a cause or a significant co-factor.
So before you give up on an unsatisfactory marriage, take a look at your own and your wife's daily electromagnetic diet and ask yourself whether sinister, silent, ubiquitous Electrosmog isn't quietly sucking the joy out of your lives.

* the increasing number of people (4 times as many women) from all walks of life who now suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity - EHS