Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas - A Special Peril For The EHS #2_1

The excitement of Christmas, with its prospect of wonderful new electronic gadgets, holds very real fears for those already struggling to cope with current levels of  Electrosmog (Wireless / Electromagnetic Radiation).
Family members and neighbours may delight in their new wireless devices but their joy may be offset by those around them who are already struggling to cope with today’s elevated levels of EMR millions of times higher than have ever been.

Over the festive season each year wireless levels ramp up another notch in an ever increasing trend. A whole new wave of mobile / wireless devices is unleashed upon the world at Christmastime and eagerly awaited by an unsuspecting and poorly informed public.
A cordless phone for Grandma, a mobile phone for little Wayne, a tablet computer for Claire, an xBox, Wii or DS for Chet, a new wireless laptop for mum, a new smart phone for dad and wireless printer, wireless surround-sound and a giant screen smart-TV for the whole family to share…
As each home becomes ever more a wireless hot-spot, what of the people inside or nearby who cannot tolerate the invisible electro-pollution pumped out?
The way things stand, it is just too bad. Anyone destroyed by EMR has no legal recourse and nowhere to go. So in this season of ‘Goodwill to all men’ ask yourself whether your freedom to enjoy your new wireless toy comes at someone else’s expense?

In case you are amongst the band of EMR sceptics, the answer is, it almost certainly does but you are unlikely to notice. All the land has been invaded and the EMF Refugees are in retreat. They have been forced to leave their lives and homes, jobs and families behind and salvage whatever they can as their world  turns toxic.
During the holiday season you may be blasted by more wireless devices than you can even dream of. Returning to work, school or college in the New Year, some people will be forced to live with a new or uprated wireless system, quietly installed during the shutdown. If this applies to you and proves too much for your body to take, to whom would you turn?  Perhaps it is not ‘wireless’ per se but the smart-meters which are being rolled out everywhere that will cause your tolerance to be exceeded. 

It all adds up, it is all cumulative exposure. Should you be concerned? Be careful what you wish for this Christmas. It might have a sting in its tail. Perhaps you’ll get away with it. Perhaps you won’t.
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