Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Want To Move But Obliged To Stay?

The current climate of economic uncertainty is paralysing people. Caught between falling house prices and the needs of growing families, many people are deciding to rent or to stay put. Making better use of the space you already have makes good green sense, and ‘better the devil you know‘ as they say. But staying put may not be without its own perils. How well do you actually know the place where you and your loved-ones are living? Knowing relies on sufficient information and the quality of its interpretation through knowledge and experience. If your senses don’t alert you, chances are you will just carry on, blissfully unaware of the potential spectres with which you are cohabiting.

Electromagnetism, or more accurately, Electrosmog or as it is known, e-smog is the uncontrolled fallout from society’s use of wireless and other electric and electronic technologies. It is all around us - at ever increasing levels. E-smog, just like other forms of pollution, makes some people unwell. To many it may be an irrelevance but to those who are particularly vulnerable, its invisible and silently sinister influence can be devastating. To the young, the frail, the weak and the infirm, e-smog can sound their death-knell, and sooner rather than later. Many modern illnesses, of which the public are regrettably all too aware - Cancer, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Leukaemia and many others that medical science seems unable to provide the causes to are being increasingly linked to exposure to e-smog. Importantly, loss of sleep quality, whilst perhaps not being a truly medical condition in its own right can nonetheless have a devastating impact on people’s lives.

So before you decide to convert the loft or the cabin at the end of the garden into extra living space for your growing family, make sure you fully understand the implications of what you are about to do. Loft and attic conversions, which are frequently inhabited by the youngest members of the family, can expose people to far higher levels of microwave radio radiation than levels experienced nearer the ground, by those surrounded by somewhat better shielding bricks and mortar.

Loft and attic conversions are often above the surrounding roofline and usually made of lightweight wooden structures. Youngsters whose bedrooms are up there are likely to receive the highest daily Electrosmog dose of any family member. Give them a mobile or cordless phone and a wireless laptop computer or games console and their exposure ratchets up a couple more notches. If their school also has a wireless network, chances are there will be few moments in any day when they are not being bombarded by a significant amount of life-threatening Electrosmog.

Electrosmog, just like sunlight is now understood to be cumulative over a person’s lifetime. In other words, you can only take so much of it during your life before it comes back to bite you.

Have you exceeded your safe lifetime dose yet?

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