Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Risky Lack of Provenance

The Englishman's home was his castle, impenetrable by all without a search warrant or so he thought. That old idea is dead, especially now that we are in the digital age. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the gas or oil you burn and of course, the electricity you use are all supplied by outside parties you trust and who should be accountable. We've mostly got along with analogue AM and FM radio and television broadcasts. Only now are concerns about these older technologies surfacing conveniently just as we 'go digital'.
How many of us, I wonder, remember the excitement of listening to one's first radio, perhaps a crystal set in the quiet under the bedclothes. Unheard of and unheard by the iPod Generation, these were radios that operated without batteries and the earpice produced its sound solely by the radio frequency energy that had been broadcast from transmitters many miles away. That's an indication of how much man-made power there was in the ether 50 years ago. Think what it must be like now.

Here's a list of just some of the many sources of wireless signals that are now allowed unhindered into our homes and over which we have no legal or constitutional recourse.

Amateur Radio Transmissions
Bluetooth Devices
CB Radios
Central Locking
Cordless Computer Mice & Keyboards
DECT/Cordless phones
Games Consoles
Garage Openers
Home Hubs & Satellite+ Boxes
Microwave Intruder Alarm Sensors
Microwave Ovens
Mobile Phone Masts
Mobile Phones
Oil & Gas Level Sensors
Plasma TVs
Power Line Networking
Satellite Systems
Smart Meters
Video & Audio repeaters
Weather Stations
Wireless Alarm Systems
Wireless Baby Monitors
Wireless Central Heating Thermostats
Wireless Digital Photo Frames
Wireless Headphones
Wireless Multi-Media & Home Cinemas
Wireless Networking Routers
Wireless Printers
Wireless Security Cameras
Wireless Speakers
Wireless Toys

The list is endless and being added to every day. We're not talking here about your own devices, they are in addition to these that reside outside your home. Your home is under day and night Electrosmog attack whether you love the convenience and capabilities of wireless or not. People are drowning under this torrent. Who will be next? Who cares? Clearly the Health Protection Agency, The Government, the Power and Wireless Industries don't and the insurance industry won't have anything to do with it. How about the NHS and our overworked doctors and surgeons? After all, it is they who must pick up the pieces, though it will be us who ultimately pay the price.
Everything tangible you allow into your home has to have provenance if you are to trust that it is safe to let in. Wireless signals come in at will, you probably know not from where and - are they dangerous? Who's to say? in the ever increasing frequency of their arrival, after a lifetime's exposure, for children and those as yet unborn?
Whatever your opinion, theyr'e coming in anyway!