Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Price An Orgasm?

or... Is your 'magic wand' a 'double-edged sword'?

On the last day of 2011 while listening to the BBC Woman’s Hour programme reviewing episodes from the past year I was shocked to hear the statistic that 60% to 80% of women in Britain own a ‘vibrator’ though less surprised to learn “they are not using them for flower arranging!"

As an investigator specialising in the consequences of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) at today's permitted levels, I know that radio waves and magnetic radiation given off by such often coyly promoted devices, very close to or even inside the body, will cause high exposure levels. Such an intimate and private aspect of personal product use surely needs to be considered if the world is ever to get to grips with the appalling levels of ‘Diseases of Civilisation’ with which so many people are now afflicted. 

It would be unsurprising to learn that the average user, male or female is unaware of the potential risks. If a person carries a mobile phone and for example regularly uses a computer on their lap then the amount of electromagnetic radiation they are absorbing may be significantly added to by their elective ‘recreational’ exposure. Such devices may not actually cause cancer or other diseases but if their cumulative emissions promote or aggravate a latent disease process brought on by some other environmental pollutant, then the final outcome may be just as devastating. 

In a world now awash with Electrosmog is it time those choosing to be exposed to this additional risk factor should be better informed? 

Guidance provided by manufacturers on the safe use of mobile phones is increasingly seen as important for the protection of health. 

Might explicit warnings on the recreational use of ‘therapeutic’ devices and ‘personal massagers’ be even more important? 

It would be a shame if the relief such devices provide came at an extortionate price.

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