Thursday, January 12, 2012

What You Should Know About Smart-Meters

Those who govern us have decreed that smart-meters are to be installed in every home and workplace during the next few years. The meters will transmit intelligence information about how much, when and what devices we are using virtually instantaneously. In a few short years they will provide real-time monitoring of everyone’s activities through electricity, gas and water use to be stored effectively forever. It is planned to transmit the data wirelessly via pulsed digital microwaves to be picked up by a 'Hub' or ‘Concentrator’ in a Street Cabinet, a Neighbour’s House or on a mobile phone or other Mast. It will then be passed on to a new central Data and Communications Company. Some places have already had smart-meters installed* but you might not know because the radio transmitters on them are presently sleeping until awakened by an activation signal. 

The world is sleepwalking into an Orwellian reality!

New Canadian Exposee Smart-Meter Film

Smart-meters raise serious concerns about privacy, security and health. If the installation of a smart-meter causes your tolerable lifetime radiation dose (ionising and non-ionising) to be exceeded you may no longer be able to be near common everyday devices such as lights, TVs, computers, Wi-Fi or for that matter mobile phones, cars and public transport. Consider if you will for a moment what that means for those already EHS and what that would mean for you, your prospects, lifestyle and liberty and that of your children.
Added 28 Sept 2012
Listen to Dr Dietrich Klinghardt He makes a lot of sense.

Because of the worldwide proliferation of other wireless devices it is going to be very difficult to absolutely link adverse health effects to smart-meters. Nevertheless millions of ‘smart devices’ have already been installed around the world and it is now becoming clear that people’s health and wellbeing can be seriously compromised by exposure to these and other digital wireless technologies.

HAN - Home Area Network

The new meters will also support two-way wireless communications inside and around your home via a HAN. Many devices and appliances are now coming with the HAN system already enabled and every few minutes they check to see if you have had a smart-meter installed. Their radio links are battery powered (lasting 10 - 15 years) and cannot be disabled. Once a smart-meter is installed in your home all devices that have been bought in the last few years that are HAN enabled will lock-on to it and start to generate regular streams of data about your usage that will be sent back and forth to the utility companies and whoever else has access to the data. The HAN can also wirelessly drive a usage monitor and these handy displays are presently being given away by utilities in order to get wireless smart-meter technologies established inside people’s homes.

* Offers of cash incentives or cheaper electricity, gas or water may tempt some home owners and particularly landlords to agree to the installation of a ‘Concentrator’ in their utility cupboards or they may simply not be told they are getting a smart-meter. The Concentrator’s purpose is to act as a radio communications hub for up to 100 other local smart-meters. After a few days, a  few months, a year, a decade, if and when residents and neighbours start experiencing ill-health caused by the unremitting signals to and from smart-meters and concentrators how will they know the cause and to whom are they going to turn? 

This infrastructure is currently rolling-out across the developed world enabling wireless smart-meters and wireless-broadband to reach into even the remotest areas flooding what electrosmog-free areas still remain with the most ubiquitous pollutant now on the planet.
The vast amounts of data generated every few seconds by up to 3 smart-meters in all 22 million UK homes and all other buildings and elsewhere will be a massive goldmine of very detailed real-time information. It will need a new network of Data Superhighways to collect and deliver it to Government and buyers. Next time you hear of some ‘communications infrastructure’ project taking place or are told that ‘your meter needs changing’ be alert to what that really means.

Smart-meter projects are underway now. This industry-provided map shows some of them:

Watch this video on smart-meters. Its an eye opener!

Readers will doubtless be reassured to hear that according to The Department of Energy and Climate Change, Whitehall London January 2012 " will not be an offence for householders to refuse to accept a smart meter and we have made it clear that we do not expect suppliers to seek an entry warrant simply to fit smart metering equipment."
An 'Entry Warrant' - what the hell is that? ...and what if the utility 'stormtroopers' should decide forced entry is indeed warranted! Is the sanctity of our homes now only protected by a 'we do not expect'?
In their justification for summarily stripping us of our domestic privacy and irradiating us in our homes using wireless the DECC defer to the ICNIRP recommendations which were never designed to take into account the long-term chronic low-level microwave exposure to which everyone is already subjected. The American Federal Communications Commission - FCC also defer to these irrelevant industry-driven guidelines but the Environmental Protection Agency - EPA, to their credit, clearly stated in 2002 "...[ICNIRP/FCC/IEEE voluntary guidelines] do not apply to chronic, nonthermal exposure situations." Furthermore they go on to say "...the generalisation by many that the guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified." 
Safety recommendations and regulations for non-thermal non-ionising radio frequency radiation [microwaves] around the world remain unfit for purpose and are largely as they were in 2002. In the meantime wireless use has exploded.
Those we have trusted to ensure our continuing protection in a rapidly changing and increasingly technological world are not doing an adequate job. Shame on them.
Jerry Day spells it out in his very concise video and deals the dirt on smart-meters in a calm and rational manner.

Apart from the serious privacy issues there are other ways of communicating (Fibre, cable, Power Line Communications - PLC). The wireless companies have embarked on a new 'land-grab' and are fighting for market share. They are upgrading their mobile infrastructure in preparation so that it will be uneconomic for others to enter the marketplace. 

Wireless is set to become the de facto standard.

When they switch it on and you cannot sleep because the burning, the tinnitus and the headaches have gotten too bad, if you can still think straight through all of that, to whom are you going to turn?



Anonymous said...

All so true, as I live in Australia and our state government is conning the public with "smartie pants" deception promotion and the gullible public are falling for. Yep, our SMART state has out-smartened those who are suppose to be gifted with commonsense. Your last paragraph is my extreme suffering, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Peter Hallam said...

I agree with the above comment.

I've recently returned from overseas after being away for several months.

Upon returning home, to Brisbane Australia, I am getting heart palpitations, suffering from poor sleep and my 'head and thinking' feels 'muddy'.

I've just found out that that several "Smart Meters" have been installed in units adjacent to mine in our unit complex.

I'm not a doctor ... but ... the timing of my symptoms with the installation of Smart Meters has me very worried.

I experienced no such symptoms whilst overseas in the Welsh country side. Upon my return it feels like I've been hit with a freight train.

What can I do about it?


Electric Forester said...

I wish there were a simple answer. Refuse their installation if you can. Mount a neighbourhood awareness campaign. See for inspiration.

Go off grid if you can bear it, in a place away from neighbours. The difficulties SMs present are enormous - that’s one reason why there is so much worldwide opposition to them. Non-elective 24/7/365 exposure to a Class 2B carcinogen for the rest of your life has to be abuse and a wicked form of oppression. Governments and regulators are turning a blind eye or worse, positively encouraging everyone’s irradiation. Why?.

Shielding is very difficult but perhaps best achieved using multiple layers of shielding fabric on the inside but unlikely to be effective for an internally installed smart meter.

Learn all you can about the other EMR sources in your life and seek to minimise them. The Powerwatch Handbook (Published by Piatkus) is a place to start.