Thursday, July 26, 2012

Electro-smog - How Much Is Too Much ?

Once alerted to the threats to health, wellbeing and prospects, it is easy to get into a tail-spin over electrosmog (electro-smog) and the exposure levels to which we are all now subjected. First there is fear of the invisible and the unknown, confusion and ignorance being added to by the differing opinions and spin on the Internet and what little coverage there is in the media. Then, when it all become too much, paralysis, denial or no action at all may be the result. It can all be too overwhelming. 

Power levels are only one metric. They do not take into effect the nature of digital signals and the information carried on their pulsed modulations, any and all of which may be biologically hazardous. Neither do that take account of the compounding effects of multiple EMR sources and chemicals. The recommendations of the Bioinitiative Report are good but interpreting over 600 pages when deciding whether to use the electric cooker (hob/range) or a microwave oven is beyond most people when it comes to feeding the family. (See the Bioinitiative Report page 587 for recommendations). 

But rather like knowing how many million/billion/trillion bacteria exist in a cubic metre of air, knowing precise electrosmog levels is not entirely necessary if one is determined to keep exposure As Low As Reasonably Achievable - ALARA. Later, when peoples tolerance has been all used up and they are forced to flee or turn and face ‘The Electrosmog Dragons’ in their midst, thoughts are liable to spin out of control, whether-or-not-this-is-serious-and-if-so-how-to-best-deal-with-a-new-and-invisible-threat-that-seems-to-be-everywhere….Aghhhhhhh !

Electrosmog is indeed now everywhere. At presently permitted levels it is toxic for some people and animals, if not everyone, and yes, it can kill you in time one way or another but that is insufficient reason to panic. Mould (mold), bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mildew, germs and pathogens of every shape, size and description abound on the earth and in the air and water, yet we survive.  We have evolved and adapted. We routinely adopt good practices and habits (hygiene) that serve to safeguard us from these ubiquitous invisible threats to our health and our survival.  

It’s the same with the Electrosmog Dragons. We can safely assume that levels of electromagnetic radiation are now higher than some people can tolerate everywhere we go (unless it is to a wilderness and even there, satellites and planes shoot the earth with radar). Especially where people congregate, wireless infrastructure is now in place; mobile/cellular phone signals, wi-fi, WiMax, broadcast DTV and radio - the list is virtually endless and grows every day.

There is not much you can do about avoiding the non-elective wireless stock control system in your favourite supermarket or the anti-collision radar from the cars around you on your journey there, and reducing one’s own elective exposure may not prove sufficient for some, but reducing lifetime exposure cannot hurt.

Wireless is now everywhere and your exposure to it from devices you choose is all that is in your power to control. By becoming familiar with sources you yourself have allowed into your living and working environment; smart-meters, HAN enabled appliances, wireless boiler/thermostat, cordless phone, wireless router and computer, wireless eReader, wireless games console, wireless surround-sound, video/audio repeater and on and on, you will at least be able to make choices.

And why is it important to make choices? 

Because everyone’s lifetime exposure to non-ionising radiation is rising at an unprecedented rate and in forms previously unknown in the history of every living creature on this, our one and only habitable planet.

And that’s not all. The effects of ionising radiation (Nuclear / X-Ray / Cosmic) are very similar and since WWII, Chernobyl and Fukushima, global levels continue to rise uncontrollably. Add the cyclic increase in solar activity we are experiencing today and you can perhaps see why limiting exposure when and where you can might be something to seriously consider. Radiation exposure is cumulative. That means the damage over a lifetime can exceed the body’s ability to repair itself. And we all know where that leads.

Make good choices now, while you can still make a difference in your life and that of those you care about. The truth will out and the unwilling EHS - ElectroHyperSensitive pioneers are reluctantly leading the way, because they no longer have the choices you do.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Electricity - Caveat Emptor - Urgent Alert

The UK Government is changing the feed-in electricity tariff and many people will be tempted to rush into a solar panel agreement in the next few weeks.

Imagine your new FREE solar panels, recently installed, start to make you sick and your home becomes no longer tolerable?

What to do? Have the panels taken off? Check the terms of your agreement. The “Free Solar” company did not install them for free, for nothing.

Can you sell-up and move?

Mortgage companies are not surprisingly unwilling to enter into an agreement with a third party that may endure for many years to come. If you have been foolish enough to lease your roof space to a solar panel company in anticipation of free electricity, then you can only hope for a cash buyer. Otherwise it is unlikely that the buyer’s mortgage company will adopt the enduring agreement you have freely entered into.

Does this sound like a nightmare scenario? It is. 

You do not want to go there. Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Electro-Smog: Addiction & Withdrawal

They say...“Believe only half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.” nevertheless, this recently heard story got me thinking.

A woman, who regularly had headaches after each day working in a heavily electrosmoged office, discovered the way to prevent them was to keep her mobile phone and wi-fi switched on at home. 
Electric Forester has already written about similar rebound effects when people are new to using bed shielding canopies. Reports from users suggest withdrawal effects are possible when they are able to escape the perpetual onslaught of electro-smog, now endemic in most everyday environments.
Intoxication & Addiction:
When a body has been ‘intoxicated’ for some time, it becomes habituated or acclimated and may demand regular top-ups.  It is not unusual for adverse effects to accompany stimulus withdrawal. This should not be surprising as external factors (chemical substances / pathogens / radiation etc.) which require the body to ‘accommodate’ them cause the body to respond with a sophisticated and complex array of counter-measures. If the stimulus suddenly goes away, coping strategies, which have perhaps been developed over time, become excess to requirements and potentially toxic to the body. To neutralise these defensive measures before they themselves turn toxic, the quickest and easiest way is to give them something useful to do and that can be to give them more of the toxin upon which they are targeted. In consequence the cycle of addiction and withdrawal, repeats.
If the impact of the toxin were immediately countered by measures whose effects last exactly as long as the toxin, then balance would be maintained, but there is likely to be a delay in the production of counter measures as they ramp-up to respond to the initial assault. There will be a lag so that if the stimulus is withdrawn the antidote level will overshoot and exceed the required level, unless the body has some way of detecting or predicting the changing level of exposure in advance. The sneeze is a case in point. It allows the body to reject the input and buys it time to prepare. For airborne chemicals, the outer sensors in the nose send an immediate message to the brain. By the time a chemical reaches the lungs, the body is already mounting counter-measures. In a similar way, the smell of fresh coffee alerts the body what to expect and gives it, based on similar experiences, an idea of the quantitative level to expect (how hot, strong, sweet etc.) and thus forewarns the body to prepare appropriate actions to handle it.
If the body has been fending off attacks for a long time, sudden cessation of the protagonist can produce an intensification of alertness. It is as if the senses believe the threat is still present, so it becomes hypersensitive in a attempt to detect it. Only after the body is satisfied that the threat really has gone away, does it allow its defences to stand down and return to a more normal level.
Too Quiet To Sleep:
City dwellers can find it difficult to sleep in the still of the countryside, their bodies having become accustomed to the constant stimulus of the metropolis. There are well accepted physiological reasons for this. If the trillions of cells which make up a human body never get the chance to relax properly, they build up a toxic burden. When they are finally able to process their backlog, suddenly a whole variety of previously sequestered toxins have to be simultaneously dealt with. This is likely to be something the body will resist until it is sure it will have the capability and time to complete the necessary reactions.
A Change Is As Good As A Rest:
A new environment contains different ‘stimulants’, which in turn demand alternative counter-measures and provides the body with the chance to rebuild reserves.

Is it time for a holiday from Electro-smog?