Monday, June 27, 2011

'Problem Children' - Abused By Electrosmog?

A few years ago I was playing with my young godson when I got an all too familiar whack in the head from a nearby mobile phone, central locking or maybe a wireless mouse in the house next door. As I reeled I was not sure of the precise device but I knew it was a burst of microwave radiation that had assaulted me. What made this particularly attack memorable was that my godson, who was about 18 months old at the time, put his hand up to his temples and got that far-away-pained-look I get, as illustrated here by my little 'traumatised tiger', at precisely the same moment I felt the impact.
This attack out of nowhere distressed us both. I at least knew what it was about. It was apparently not out of the ordinary for my godson either as judging by his expression it had clearly happened to him before. The implications of this incident are frighteningly clear. He too was electro hypersensitive at that stage in his development but he could not tell me what was happening to him somewhere inside his head as he had not yet learned to talk. His eyes said that for which he had no words "I know what just hit me also attacked you. I don't know what it is. It just happens."
I wonder how many parents would see similar pain written across the faces of their young ones if they only knew what to look for? How might any child behave when subjected to similar invisible silent apparently random attacks that they don't deserve, they cannot describe and which go unnoticed by the grown-ups who are supposed to protect them? It is not a very great leap of the imagnination to think that what may present as 'behavioural problems' could be driven by a vulnerable child's fundamental need for safety and protection.


Soapbox Jill said...

The description of the pre-verbal child's physical reaction to the microwave burst is chilling, absolutely chilling.
For one, it proves it is not all "in our heads"
And secondly, what will happen to these young humans if this assault begins so very early.
Please pray as I do every day for the fate of the children.

Peter said...

I have witnessed that all too familiar reaction by children too. I believe my son, 2 years old as I write this, experiences this a lot. I believe I am electro sensitive. I think he may be as well. Certain things seem to trigger him off. The 'witching hour' where young children go nuts in the afternoon about 4-5pm, also appears to be when a spike of wifi and mobile phone usage hits our area as all the commuters and day workers get home and turn on all their devices. I'm not sure what to do about this but I have observed it a lot, and even have a comparison from a time when we were in a location without mobile coverage and, despite having a full days activities to 'wind him up' he was very well behaved; until we got home to the microwave saturated suburb we live in.

What can I do about this?


Electric Forester said...

Peter, I wish I knew for sure what you can do for the best. Perhaps reassure your son in anyway you can that you are with him and understand, even if you can do nothing about it. If both you and he are ES in your present environment then perhaps its time to find a new home rather than risk becoming EHS. See my post on shielding canopies.
I'll write a post shortly on 'Suddenly Awake'

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am EHS also, had to ask my girlfriend to stop calling on the mobile. There are solutions, most for adults. This site gives good info...

Buying or renting a meter to check the house makes sense. I always carry one. A few things that help:
- carefully check and change your own house.
- talk with the neighbours
- Do as much outdoor sports as possible
- eat as healthy as possible (go vegetarian/ vegan/ raw with biodaynamic veggies)
- cook your own food and meditate whilst cooking
- Do a meditation course ( for free courses)
- Smile a lot (force yourself if needed, it will become a habit soon)
- search for any piece of positive news you can find
- spent as little as possible time behind a computer.
- Only sleep in safe environments
-apply shielding material where possible
- move to the countryside

well, a long list. Good luck