Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EMR Safety 12 Precautionary Steps You Can Take Today

1.               Until you are completely sure it is safe, decide not to use a mobile phone held to your head. Text, use the speakerphone facility or use an air-tube headset. If you don’t have an air-tube headset, buy one because in an emergency, when you will likely have to talk or hold for a long time, you will need one. Wireless headsets inject their signal into the brain via the ear-canal and thus compound exposure.

2.               Wait a few seconds after pressing ‘Send/Off Hook’. That way, the call-setup is likely to be completed before the transmitting antenna is near to the delicate tissues of your  brain, eyes and face.

3.               If you still choose to hold a mobile phone to your head, obey the manufacturers instructions and hold the phone the required distance away from your ear (typically about 20mm).

4.               Do not carry a mobile phone on your body or near an infant’s head e.g. in a handbag on the back of a push-chair. Mobiles wirelessly communicate with their networks the whole time they are on. Smart-phones enabled as relays for other smart-phones are never off.

5.               Children, with their smaller heads, developing brains, immature immune systems and longer anticipated lifetime exposures are at greater risk from all types of electro-smog.  Be safe and act responsibly around them.

6.               Mobile phones in poor reception areas such as lifts, underground car parks, vehicles and especially planes and within insulated office blocks and homes have to increase their transmitting power. Typically 70% of the radiated microwave energy goes into the user’s head. Simply wait till you are in a good reception area.

7.               Do away with cordless phones and wireless baby monitors at home and at work. They emit a constant stream of pulsed digital microwave radiation, often close to where people and babies spend a significant proportion of their time.

8.               Never sleep with a switched-on mobile phone in the same room. Do not use your phone as an alarm clock. The first thing it does upon waking is contact its network and subject you to your first blast of microwave radiation of the day - before you are even awake!

9.               Never place a laptop or tablet computer in your lap. Never hold a wirelessly enabled device such as an e-reader or games controller close to your abdomen.

10.            Do not stay in the same room as an operating microwave oven.  Never use one to heat plates or other low-water-content items as microwave leakage increases significantly.

11.            Do not stand next to electric cookers (particularly induction hobs), central heating/hot water boilers or pumps, immersion heaters or vacuum cleaners when they are on.

12.            Unplug electric blankets and devices normally left on standby, such as set-top-boxes and satellite systems, when not in use.

…and learn what it takes to remain safe in the electromagnetic landscape in which you now live.


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