Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't Panic

As the world awakens to the dangers of mobile phones and wireless radio emissions, it is starting to have a profound effect on people’s relationship with electromagnetism in general.

It is emerging that mankind’s ability to harness the phenomenal and amazing powers of electricity does not come without risk. Of course we’ve known that all along but it has mostly been the consequences of electric shocks that we have been warned about.

Now we are discovering that in normal everyday situations; homes, offices, factories, hospitals, on public transport and in cars that we are subjected to significant amounts of electromagnetic force (EMF) which up to now we have believed to be harmless. As more and more people use more and more electrical devices and thus more electricity, more and more are becoming unwell and realising that electricity is involved somehow.

That knowledge is starting to unsettle people as the come to realise that if they and their loved ones are to have a trouble-free life, their attitude to and relationship with electricity must change. This realisation is often accompanied by a rising panic and a sense of unease as people come to see that the cosy understanding they thought they had with electromagnetism has taken their immunity to Electrosmog for granted.

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