Thursday, July 3, 2008

Worried About Electrosmog. What Can You Do?

Firstly, DON'T PANIC! Whatever's out there, you are probably not at much greater risk today than you were yesterday. So take a couple of deep breaths and decide if you are really ready to look at your relationship with electromagnetism and the technologies that produce the toxic cloud of Electrosmog in which we all now live.
The planet cannot support upwards of 7 billion people without the power of electricity. Every time you turn on the tap, the water has to have been pumped from somewhere, never mind what happens to it afterwards. Every time you turn on a light, the power has had to come from somewhere. Of course greener ways of generating electricity are emerging but not very much is being done about the pollution caused by electromagnetism at its point of use. Whenever a household appliance is used, a cloud of Electrosmog is produced around it. Whenever a mobile or cordless is used, it manufactures Electrosmog which people then immerse their heads in!
Electrosmog is produced by; power devices - food processors, washing machines, power tools; communications devices - mobile & cordless phones and their base stations and infrastructure - overhead and underground cables and pylons and from household wiring. It is also found in vehicles and in practical terms there are very few occasions where the average person is not subjected to exposure from Electrosmog.
So here's what you can actually do right now:
1. TURN OFF ALL THE POWER AT NIGHT. Where you sleep should be as electromagnetically benign as possible. Electrosmog is TOXIC just like any other environmental pollutant with which we come into daily contact. Think of it like exhaust fumes.
2. REDUCE YOUR TOTAL TOXIC BURDEN. Look at your lifestyle and eating habits and seek ways to improve your health by reducing the total number of toxins and their amounts (i.e. the number and strengths of exposures) that your body has to deal with.
3. ELIMINATE WIRELESS/CORDLESS DEVICES - You may not be able to control your exposure outside, but you can not add to it inside. Ditch the DECT, throw away the microwave.
4. ADD DISTANCE BETWEEN YOU AND ANY OPERATING ELECTRICAL DEVICES - Magnetic flux is a form of Electrosmog for which there is little protection other than distance. Turn on household appliances and move away. Don't stay in the kitchen when devices are on. Keep as far away from computers/screens/keyboards etc as you are able.
5. EDUCATE YOURSELF - search the Internet, join groups such as eSens on Yahoo. Read The Powerwatch Handbook - Piatkus Publishing.
6. TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBOURS - and try to get them to reduce their wireless use and thus the amount of Electrosmog they are effectively lobbing over the fence at you. If you need to buy them a new corded phone to get them to give up their DECT cordless, then consider it money well spent. If they simply won't give up their cordless phone convenience, buy them a new Orchid LR which switches off when not in use.
... and finally, checkout blogs like this one aimed at safer relationships with electromagnetism, relationships that support healthy and productive lives.

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