Friday, June 22, 2012

145 Mobile Reassurances

Whatever You Need To Tell Yourself

To operate in the world, to live easily with our fellow travellers, takes confidence. It takes a trust that whatever happens, whatever we do, we will be able to prevail upon the world and survive more or less intact. But what if that trust is misplaced and some of the things we and our fellow citizens routinely do really does put us in danger? What if how we live our lives, by our own actions and those of the rest of society all around us, puts us and our wellbeing in jeopardy?

Sometimes it is necessary to take risks. If we want to fly or drive there is a certain level of risk and it is generally understood to be ‘low enough’. If we choose to smoke or drink or indulge in some other form of drug use, then we accept there may be some unfortunate side-effects and that ultimately we may be forced to accept the consequences. Adults know these things but we become good at suppressing them and keeping them from impinging on our conscious mind’s awareness. If we could not be so selective, we would never be able to give our attention to what is really important. Children take many years to learn such discernment for themselves. In the meantime, it is adults who are responsible for securing their environment for them and keeping them safe as they grow up.

Much of human existence is spent searching for relief. Relief from poverty, pain, worry, loneliness, boredom, oppression, cold, heat - the list goes on and on but the common theme remains. Relief. An aspect of addiction is a yearning for that sense of relief. When addiction’s overwhelming desire is satiated, a sense that all is right with the world prevails, at least temporarily. Whatever other shortcomings we believe our lives hold, they are for the moment put to one side. Addiction, like denial, is a diversionary tactic to save us from having to think worrisome thoughts or recognise the inadequacies in our lives.

So what do you tell yourself about your little mobli’s emissions that allows you to be relieved to have it constantly by your side?

It is now clear from mountains of research that mobile/cell-phone users are incapable of listening to reason. In case you are in this group and your chosen mantra is becoming a bit repetitive, here are some more to choose from:

1.               I need my phone to live a full life.
2.               There have been studies but they’re not conclusive.
3.               How could so small a thing hurt me?
4.               It’s a low SAR phone so I’ll be alright.
5.               It won’t happen to me.
6.               The benefits outweigh the risks.
7.               If it starts to affect me, I’ll cut down using it.
8.               If it affects me greatly, I’ll stop using it.
9.               Its for my security. What if I need to summon help?
10.            I only use it in emergencies.
11.            I don’t use it much.
12.            I text more than I talk.
13.            I may cut down one day, but not right now.
14.            Its just so useful.
15.            Its my alarm-clock, video camera, Internet, e-mail, FM radio, media player, GPS, games console. Its everything to me…
16.            Its my life!
17.            Its sexy, cool and very useful. That’s enough for me!
18.            Its essential, I could not live without it.
19.            I don’t always hold it on the same side of my head.
20.            I mostly keep my calls short.
21.            I swap sides during long calls.
22.            I stop when my ear burns.
23.            I stop when I get a headache.
24.            I hold it lightly.
25.            I usually use it on speaker.
26.            I hold it away from my head - unless I think I look stupid.
27.            I work-out, take supplements, eat organic. I’m careful in other ways.
28.            I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs so overall my risk is low.
29.            The link to cancer is unproven.
30.            I’m charmed.
31.            Everyone I know has got one and they seem Okay.
32.            I’d be socially isolated if I didn’t have one.
33.            4.5 Billion people can’t be wrong.
34.            The Government is there to protect me. That’s their job.
35.            The FCC, FDA, WHO, HPA, MOA, ICNIRP, DECT, they say there are NO adverse health effects, so it must be alright.
36.      Billions of Pounds, Dollars, Euros, Yen worldwide do not corrupt true scientists and politicians.
37.            Scientific journals and peer reviews safeguard us from junk science.
38.            I’m glad people like Ben Goldarse tirelessly root out bad science.
39.            Manufacturers and the operators have to tell the truth.
40.            All my friends say mobile-phones are not a risk.
41.            Published peer reviewed reseach has not found a risk.
42.            Its probably not doing me much harm, but what the hell, nothing is absolutely safe.
43.            I’d be lost without it.
44.            Its indispensable.
45.            Its a part of me. Its part of who I am.
46.            I only keep it in my handbag.
47.            Its reassuring and handy to have in my pocket.
48.            I need it for work. My employer insists on it.
49.            Its not just mobile phones you know…
50.            It shows I’m connected, important, influential, worthy, powerful.
51.            There may be trouble ahead…
52.            It makes me attractive, with-it and trendy.
53.            Nothing can touch me when I’m on my mobli.
54.            Its just so powerful and incredibly useful.
55.            Its like having a second brain.
56.            It’ll take decades to know for sure, in the meantime I’ll carry on.
57.            I pay enough for it, I’m certainly going to use it.
58.            I get free calls, free texts, free wi-fi so why not?
59.            My company pays so it costs me nothing to use it.
60.            I can call for free. How smart am I?
61.            My ring tone is so cool, so part of me and my personality.
62.            Mine has an external antenna so its safer.
63.            Mine’s got no antenna so its safer.
64.            On it I can play games, listen to music, read books, dah de dah de dah.
65.            I need it in case my boss, partner, lover, nanny, builder, plumber…calls.
66.            Each time it rings it proves I’m indispensable. It shows I’m needed.
67.            Its how paid work comes to me.
68.            Its how I get dates.
69.            I need it. I want it. I can have it.
70.            I can get away with it.
71.            I’d rather have a brain tumour than be lonely.
72.            People who do not have a mobile are sad.
73.            People who don’t have a mobile, cordless or Wi-Fi are Luddites.
74.            People who say they are dangerous don’t appreciate the benefits.
75.            It allows opportunities to come my way.
76.            It keeps me in the loop, informed and up to date.
77.            It allows me to know stuff before other people.
78.            What if something happened and I couldn’t be reached straightaway?
79.            I’m more efficient and employable if I carry a mobile phone.
80.            It gives me a better life now even if it might shorten it in the future.
81.            It improves my chances and my prospects.
82.            It means I can enjoy sex more knowing I’m sterile.
83.            I can’t imagine my life without a mobile phone / PDA / wi-fi’d computer.
84.            A mobile phone is not as bad as….
85.            When its proven to cause cancer, I’ll stop. Till then I won’t worry about it.
86.            Sure I can drive, talk and listen all at the same time. Can’t you?
87.            Its very clever. I’m very clever for having one.
88.            Its why we have thumbs.
89.            People expect me to have one. I’m part of what’s happening.
90.            People assume you’ve a mobile phone or you’re some kind of dork.
91.            I believe the adverts. “Live for now”, “The future’s bright”
92.            Why would anyone want to track me?
93.            Ringing: Its for me! I wonder who it could be?
94.            Someone loves / needs / wants me.
95.            I love it when you call.
96.            I have control.
97.            It gives me early warning of problems at home, at work, travelling.
98.            I’ve got some great apps.
99.            Look at all this data I can carry around with me.
100.         I hope I’ve enough talk time / battery / stored numbers / pictures, videos, music…
101.         What is Coltan? Where is The Congo?
102.         Newer phones are much safer.
103.         I need a better phone.
104.         Wired headsets don’t carry signals into your brain.
105.         Airtube headsets are fiddly and not very loud.
106.         My mobli is my best friend.
107.         I’d die if I couldn’t use my phone.
108.         It works by magic.
109.         Its an essential safeguard in a dangerous and unpredictable world.
110.         If safeguards my kids.
111.         My kids made me get one. They respect me more now.
112.         Its what I need right now. Don’t worry me.
113.         Knowing how to use all its features gives me advantages.
114.         I like it.
115.         When I’m on it, I feel happy, important, useful, wanted, informed…
116.         Just having one I can call anyone in the world I want, anytime.
117.         It gives me global reach, from anywhere.
118.         People can reach me anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Its great!
119.         If cancer doesn’t get you, something else will.
120.         I can’t see how using a mobile could cost me my eyesight?
121.         I have not heard that using a mobile could cost me my hearing.
122.         I don’t understand how just using a mobile could cost me my life.
123.         I’m too busy to think about it right now, I’m on the phone.
124.         People who are that concerned should ‘get a life’.
125.         Its my passport to all good things - friends, love, fame, fortune…
126.         Its my most important and treasured possession.
127.         Its my lifeline
128.         Its a free country.
129.         Its a personal choice.
130.         If I get a tumour I’ll have it removed. What’s the problem?
131.         If I get cataracts it’s a simple operation to have them removed.
132.         I don’t wear metal ear rings or metal framed glasses so I’ll be Okay.
133.         I’ve had my amalgams removed, so I’ll be fine now.
134.         If I get a headache, I’ll take a pill.
135.         If people are worried they should see their doctor.
136.        Smiley happy people show me that its alright, that its Okay for me to want to be just like them.
137.         There are now so many sources of wireless emissions, what’s another?
138.         If something bad happens, I’ll sue.
139.         I get a great signal here.
140.         I’ve got the best phone and the best airtime calling plan. How clever.
141.         Some people can’t take it. Too bad. That’s evolution.
142.         I use a Bluetooth headset, so I’ll be Okay.
143.         If mobiles are dangerous, why haven’t I heard more about it?
144.         What the hell. You can’t live in a bubble, cut-off from everyone.
145.         I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. In the meantime, I’ll carry on.

If the odds of something really bad happening to you are 1 in 100,000, at the point your one and only body is diagnosed with something very nasty, your odds are 1 in 1.

Ask yourself “What are the chances microwave radiation is good for me?”

Ask yourself “How long can I expect to keep getting away with it?”

A mobile phone is like a Femme Fatale: Beautiful, intelligent, capable and deadly. 260 lifetime hours on your sexy little mobli is all it takes to double your risk of a brain tumour. How much of your brain will be lost if you are even able to find and afford someone to cut it out and what kind of hell will you and your family go through in the meantime?

The writing is on the wall. All those calls are adding to your 260 lifetime hours.


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